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Yard Waste, Branch Pickup and Fall Cleanup Programs

New Branch Pickup Policy Effective September 7, 2015

Yard Waste, Branch Pickup, Fall CleanupBRANCH PICK-UP AND REMOVAL POLICY

(A) The Village shall provide a monthly branch pick-up and removal service to Village property owners.  The following criteria must be met for a Village property owner to qualify for this service:
    (1) All qualifying branches shall be generated from the property where the brush is placed for collection.  Importing of brush from anywhere other than the property from which the brush is placed is prohibited.  Brush for pick-up must also be placed by the resident and not the remains from a professional tree or landscape service.
    (2) All branches shall be placed curbside in front of the residence parallel to the curb on or before 7:00 a.m. on the first Monday of each month.  Once the Village has cleared an area, it will not return that area until the next month’s scheduled pick-up.  Branches shall not be placed for pick-up before 7:00 a.m. on the Thursday before pick-up is to occur.  If the first Monday of the month is a holiday recognized by the Village, then branch pick-up will occur on the following Tuesday.
    (3) Branches shall be no more than 6 inches in diameter and no more than 6 feet in length.  
    (4) Each Residence is allowed one (1) branch pile per month that must not exceed the dimensions of 12 ft x 4 ft x 3 ft.
    (5) No whole trees will be removed by the Village for any reason regardless of size and shall not be placed with branches for pick-up.
    (6) No building materials, fence posts, wire, rocks, plastic tubing, weeds, garden vegetation, or other foreign material shall be placed with branches for pick-up.
(B) The property owner is responsible for proper disposal if any brush does not qualify for the pick-up service.  Any deviation from the aforementioned criteria including brush placed on the parkway at times other than during the scheduled pick-up time will be considered a nuisance and subject to a fine in accordance with the Village Code.
(C) Residents will continue to have the option of hauling their branches to the brush pile located behind the Village Electric Shop at 9507 South Main during regular business hours.
(D) The Village may, in its sole discretion, remove branches causing a traffic hazard after significant storm damage or other emergency.  The Village has no obligation to pick-up branches that fall on private property during a storm other than in accordance with the obligations imposed upon it by this Section.

Yard Waste Program Policy (Update 03/05/2018)

Leaf Bag Program Information

The Village of Chatham will post dates in which leaf bags are to be collected by the Village. All other times, you as residents must use your waste hauler to collect leaf bags. Below is the information you will need to prepare for your waste hauler to collect your leaf bags:

If you use Lake Area Disposal please call 1-217-522-9317 Ext: 2, this will give you the information you need, such as where to purchase leaf bag/yard waste stickers. You will need to purchase stickers, in which one sticker per bag is required by LAD. Lake Area Disposal stickers can be purchased at County Market – Chatham and at Ace Hardware – Chatham.


If you use Republic Services (Allied Waste) please call 1-217-522-7797. For 2018, Republic will be picking up leaf bags from April 2 through November 30. Below is a list of area stores that carry stickers for Republic customers:

ACCOUNT NAME                                      ADDRESS                                                 CITY

ACE HARDWARE -STICKERS                      1600 WABASH AVE                                Springfield

ACE HARDWARE -STICKERS                      1200 N MAIN ST                                       Chatham

ACE HARDWARE -STICKERS                      214 N WALNUT ST                                   Springfield

CUB FOODS (STICKERS)                                3001 S Veterans Pkwy                            Springfield

HYVEE - STICKERS                                         2115 S Macarthur Blvd                          Springfield

LOWES STICKERS                                            3101 Wabash Ave                                   Springfield

LOWES 1679 STICKERS                                 2560N Dirksen Pkwy                                 Springfield

NOONAN TRUE VALUE - STICKERS          510 N Bruns Ln                                          Springfield

NOONAN TRUE VALUE - STICKERS          801 N Grand Ave W                                  Springfield

WALGREENS - #2071 - STICKERS               2020 S MACARTHUR BLVD                 Springfield

WALGREENS #11829 STICKERS                 2500 S KOKE MILL RD                           Springfield

WALGREENS #12427 STICKERS                 2305 W MONROE ST                               Springfield

WALGREENS #1770 - STICKERS2625 ADLAI STEVENSON DR               Springfield

WALGREENS #2492 - STICKERS3216 E CLEAR LAKE AVE                     Springfield

WALGREENS-STICKERS                                106 CORVETTE/ILLINI DR                   Sherman


If you use Waste Management please call 1-800-796-9696. For 2018, WM will begin picking up leaf bags on April 24th. Waste Management Stickers can be purchased at County Market – Chatham.

If you have any additional questions or concerns please call your waste hauler at the phone numbers listed above. During off-times, when the Village of Chatham is not picking up leaf bags, it is the resident’s responsibility to make sure that they have placed stickers on the bags, or set their bags out for pick up by your designated waste hauler. Any bags left curb-side without stickers during the off-time will be considered a nuisance according to the Village of Chatham’s nuisance ordinance code and its provisions.

Disclaimer– Every effort has been made to gather the most factual and up-to-date information possible. The Village of Chatham is not responsible for changes in phone numbers, web addresses, prices, pick-up times or information related to yard and leaf bag services offered by your individual waste haulers. It is important that you contact your waste hauler for the most up-to-date information available for your services.


Leaf bags will be available in front of the Village Police Station starting on Wednesday April 10th through April 24th.

A limit of 3 bundles of bags may be picked up per household.

The Village of Chatham will pick up leaf bags starting on Monday April 29th, 2019 and will run through Monday May 20th, 2019.

All bags must be placed at curbside by 7:00 a.m. on Mondays.

FINAL PICK UP will be on Monday May 20th.

Any bags placed out after 7 am Monday will not be picked up by the Village of Chatham. 

Bags shall only contain normal yard waste and leaves.  Any bags containing Grass Clippings, Feces or Garbage  will not be picked-up.



2018 Fall Clean-Up

Saturday October 13, 2018
7:00 a.m. to 12:00p.m.
Chatham Community Park
Enter on Park St. and Exit on S. Main
Saturday October 20, 2018
7:00 a.m. to 12:00p.m.
Chatham Community Park
Enter on Park St. and Exit on S. Main
The Village of Chatham will furnish dumpsters and personnel to assist in un-loading material brought to the Park's by citizens of Chatham only,
I.D. must be shown for proof of address.
The following materials will not be accepted; electronics, tires, yard waste, batteries, dirt, computers, televisions, concrete, roofing, railroad ties, paint or any appliance with freon. If the appliance has had the freon removed, we will accept the appliance.
If you are at least 65 or handicapped and need assistance with your material, please call the Village office at 483-2451 and your name will be placed on a list for help. Please let us know what material you need to get rid of at the time you call.
If you have any questions, please call the Village office at 483-2451.