Police Commission

The Chatham Police Commission will be conducting the Physical Fitness Test on  on August 2, 2009.  Only those individuals receiving a written invitation will be allowed to participate.  Invitations are being prepared and expect to be mailed by July 15, 2009.  You will be required to present your invitation, valid drivers license and a physicians release to participate.  Location and time will be disclosed in the invitation.      

The testing process will consist of an employee application, initial background screening, physical performance test, written examination and oral interview.  Applicants will be invited to each phase of the process provided the applicant successfully completes the previous phase.  Failing any phase of the
process will disqualify the applicant from further consideration.  Veterans points will be granted to those who request and qualify.  Once the applicant has completed the process the applicant will be informed of their ranking on the eligibility list.

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